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SignMasters Blog

The SignMasters Blog contains helpful hints and suggestions from the staff of Signmasters that may be helpful for users of signs, banners, and vehicle wraps. The posts were added from 2010 to now.

We have stored nearly all of the graphics files that we have produced for our customers since 1991. By now, our stored files are massive. They include sign graphics, logos, photos and even vehicle wraps. We have had a number of customers contact us to repair or replace signs that we have made many years ago.

By having the original data files, we can accurately match letter types and colors for accurate reproduction.

We are frequently asked about waxing vehicle wraps to help protect the finish. Our reply, if you must wax, use a full synthetic "wax" that won't stain vinyl.

Most waxes with carnuba will stain vinyl, however we have recently heard about a wax that is claimed to not stain vinyl. It is Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. It has been recommended by several other sign companies that do a lot of vehicle wraps. While we do not recommend waxing wraps, this may be a solution for those that wish to do so.

Top-Quality banners have been a passion with us for many years. That is why the hems of all of our banners that we make are sewn - not taped. The reason is Quality: Tape will dry out and the hems will fail.

Double stitching is much stronger and more durable. However, good double-needle sewing machines are expensive - ours cost $3,400. We have one of the only double-needle industrial sewing machines in Gainesville. We found it after a two year search. In addition, our banners are only made with reinforced heavy-duty vinyl. And, we use the best-quality inks available. Banners by SignMasters are built to last.